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Reverend Sauls, our Executive Director, is a retired clergyman of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod.  He is available to speak to civic and/or Christian Church organizations on a variety of topics.  Sunday mornings are reserved for preaching engagements in pulpits of the LCMS, or worship with his own congregation.  Rev. Sauls will, however, be happy to schedule speaking dates at other times. 

Suggested topics: 

Hunger in Indiana, and the U.S., a statistical presentation of the subject based on information gleaned from university and government official sites;

The Faces of American Poverty, a more personal look at specific cases (anonymous, of course), that have presented in our office, and how our assistance has helped to change the course of life;

The Effect of Traditional Marriage on the Stability of the Home, and Children, and some Detrimental Effects of Other Marriage Models On Family Life.  

"Male and female created He them."  these words from the Genesis account of the Creation of the earth, planets and stars, speaks quite clearly to the whole bitter and confusing argument that has occupied our Congress and Court in the past few years.  Other portions of God's Word speak clearly to the debate over immigration laws, the questions that are being asked about who may be admitted into our country to live among us.  One passage that is seldom referred to tells us that:  "the Lord scattered them [[the people who had gathered to inhabit Babel] over the face of all the earth. . . " 

Much of the O.T. tells of the struggles of God's people, and the peoples of the world, to establish themselves in the lands wherin God had placed them, and to live at peace with one another within their own God-ordained borders.  Perhaps we should today be looking more at what God's Word has to say about such matters as are perplexing the people of this modern world. 

There is much to be learned from the Word of God in the Holy Bible.  Living according to His Word, the people of our nation would gain a greater respect for the Law and those who enforce it, the institution of marriage, the two-genders that He has created, and their relationship one to the other, the poor, and our responsibilities toward them, and a host of other troubling issues. 

In fellowship with His holy Church, God's people come to a common understanding of what His Word means (interpretation) and what it means for us (application).  It is our wish, therefore, that all people be in the Word, and in the Church, so that our world, deriving the max in guidance and wisdom from above, might be a world of peace, harmony, righteousness, and hope. 

Rev. Donald A. Sauls

Executive Director