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What bills/needs can I receive assistance for?

     Compassioante Ministries Network will consider any emergency need, such as: Rent, electric, water, gas, and other kinds of heating fuels; medical co-pays (excludes pain medications); transient help; school supplies.  We give preference to those people who have families with small children at home, the elderly and disabled, the unemployed, and others who are having difficulty meeting the basic needs of everyday life.  Since our support comes from an ecumenical base, we offer all help and aid without regard for denominational ties, and even to the unchurched. 

When should I contact CMN?

     You should first explore the possibility of getting help from your family (parents, siblings, children) and/or close friends. Your own local church (congregation) is a resource that you should tap, if funds are available.  The State of Indiana and Adams County maintain offices where you may find assistance for your particular need, and as a last resort, you may contact your Township Trustee's office.  All of these offices may be accessed by looking in the "Government" pages of your phone book, or by dialing "2-1-1" for a list of agencies in your area that offer the kind of help that you need.  If all other sources fail to help you, contact CMN on the day that you receive your disconnect or eviction notice, or as soon as other emergency help is needed.

How often can I receive assistance?

     A client may receive financial assistance from CMN only once in a twelve month period, and we have established a lifetime maximum for any one household.  A trip to our food pantry may be made once per month, as needed, and as supplies allow.
     Assistance from this agency is not a right, but it is a charitable gift from the Christian people of our community to those who are in dire need!  Abuse of this great privilege will result in a family being denied help in the future.

How to go about receiving assistance:

Make an appointment by calling our office. Walk-ins will not be helped!

2. The "intake" process includes the gathering of personal information about your household, place of residence, and a review of your specific emergency financial needs. You will be asked to bring along copies of your bills, proof of identity and address, disconnect and/or eviction notices, and other pertinent information.  You should expect the intake process to take about 45 minutes.

3. A staff member will evaluate your request and, if you are approved for services, will contact the appropriate agency to arrange a payment to your utility or other account.

4. In all cases, a partial payment will be made in check form to the appropriate agency, business, or utility. By networking with other agencies in our area, CMN staff will attempt to relieve the crisis and avert a shut-off or eviction.
No cash is ever given to clients!

     Assistance is at the discretion of the Director according to the guidelines and bylaws set forth by the CMN Board.

     We also offer short-term, Christian, Pastoral counseling in the following areas: grief, family, marital, and addictions. There may be a small fee assessed for counseling services.