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Our Mission:

     "To meet and relieve basic human needs of people living in the South Adams Ministerial Area (SAMA) who are in crisis, through the systematic sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and by the sharing of resources given by God to His people."

What is Project Share?

     Our motto:  "Feeding the hungry with The Bread of Life"
    Jesus said:  "They do not need to go away; you give them something to eat." Matt. 14:16

Project Share is part of the Compassionate Ministries Network. Through Project Share we supply emergency food and household items to low or no-income individuals and families who are experiencing a food shortage.  The food that we distribute is donated by various groups within southern Adams County, such as: Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts, businesses, church groups, South Adams Schools, manufacturing firms, and individuals who are possessed of compassionate hearts like that of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Donated food is stocked in the pantry and made available to those who are in need by appointment.

Emergency financial help is offered through the Compassionate Ministries Network, also.  More about this is on the page titled "receiving assistance".

Is Compassionate Ministries Network (CMN) a church?

     CMN is a para-church organization that is funded and supported by churches, the business community, and Christian people of the Berne and Geneva area. CMN is not a church or a local congregation of a church body.  Since we are supported by an ecumenical grouping of Christian churches, our help is afforded without regard for denominational attachments.  

NOTE:  While Compassionate Ministries Network, Inc./Project share is a para-church organization, the Board of Directors DOES NOT authorize the Executive Director or any other staff member to solemnize marriages, perform burials, or conduct other specifically pastoral activities.  Those who are desiring pastoral care and services must contact the pastor of the church that they attend, or seek one from among the churches in the community to fulfill their need for pastoral care.    

The Executive Staff of CMN/PS affirms the biblical and godly design for marriage, that it is a holy estate ordained by God, to be entered into by one man and one woman, husband and wife for life.  This is our faith and our practice for which we do not apologize, though in the Kingdom of the Left Hand (the State) we recognize the rule of law, and are obedient to our governing authorities, so long as we are not commanded by them to act, speak, believe, or think in any way that is contrary to the Word of God.    

From where does CMN receive its funds?

     CMN receives its funds to help those in need from the generous contributions of the Christian churches of the southern Adams County area (SAMA), from individuals and businesses of southern Adams County.
     It receives funding for the food pantry and client aid by grants from The United Way and Adams County Community Foundation.
     Funding is also obtained from its thrift shop through the sales of donated items. Since CMN is a not-for-profit agency, any monetary donation is tax-deductible as allowed by the IRS.